Maths Study Guide for Key Stage 2
By Mark Haslam and June Hall

KS2 Maths Study Guide

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Book code: K2MSG
ISBN: 978-0-9560677-0-8

This handy guide tells you everything you need to know about Maths at Key Stage 2. It has been updated to match the new National Curriculum and is ideal for supporting learning in class or to help with homework.

Key features include:

  • Colourful Pages - with lots of fun characters
  • Key Facts - everything you need to know
  • Examples - show you exactly what to do
  • Tips - give you advice along the way
  • Warnings - help you avoid common mistakes
  • Quick Quizzes - check you've understood each topic

Average customer rating: (5/5) (See reviews)

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Customer reviews

Reviewed by Abi, Pupil
It helped me revise over topics i learnt ready for SATS. You should definitely buy these handy guides. it actually improved my progress in math.

Reviewed by Sebastian, Pupil
i loved it i passed my sats!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Tom, Pupil
Great it is helping me with my work in school and now I am on the top table and I am a level 5 all because of the revision guid

Reviewed by Geoff, Pupil
Great it is helping me with my learning

Reviewed by Maryam Waseem, Pupil
I love it its great my brain is like filled with fantastic methods trust me giys it really helps on youre sats you should deffinetly buy this book i have had 5a in maths 5b in sience and 5c in english its really great my mums proud of me thx to the study guides

Reviewed by Seema, Parent
I havent hot it yet but i know its going to be great because my daughters tuition teacher said that her son was at 4b

Reviewed by Anonymous, Pupil
It looks very complicated but when tou start reading its pretty good

Reviewed by Fatima, Pupil
The best revision guide EVER! As I hav SATs next week, this book is helping me alot - and the English guide- previously I have had 100/100 in maths and 50/50 in English....

Reviewed by Chris, Pupil
Its Really nice man got me really clever Ty whoever made it Rofl :)

Reviewed by Katie Bradley, Pupil
i think that this will really help me and it is really helpful. it has helped me with a lot of things, if i am stuck on something i know straight away where to go and look.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Pupil
5 stars great

Reviewed by Anonymous, Pupil
it was really useful im year6 and next week im doing my sats thanks

Reviewed by Anonymous, Pupil

Reviewed by Aneesa, Pupil
I love this book, I buyed this book from school as well as an english one and I think it is great. For my previous asessment at school, my teacher told us to revise so I did and I got a high level thanks to this book

Reviewed by Shelly McClellan, Parent
Am using this now to help my son revise for his Maths SAT in May. Very helpful tool for revision and to pin point any weak areas your child may have in maths. Fantastic book!

Reviewed by Ibraima, Teacher

Reviewed by Joshua Byrd, Pupil
Amazing i have english and maths 5 stars!!!!!

Reviewed by Vasi, Parent
I use this book for my year 6 son. Very helpful.

Reviewed by Linda Gemmell, Parent
I was lucky to get this fantastic little book for my daughter from school in year4 and have used it many times through to year 6. I am now looking for a Key stage 3 version but can't appear to find one, a must have for all parents

Reviewed by Bethan, Pupil
this book is great

Reviewed by Angjili
my name is Angjili and i have read the maths studie guide and would like to say that is is brillant and i think you should jave 10 of them out!!!

Reviewed by Katherine Brown, Parent
i am really impressed with this maths guide. it is very easy to read, and the format encourages you to read on. as a parent i was amazed at how much maths i had forgotten and this book really helped me to refresh my maths so that i can help my two boys.

Reviewed by Cutiee Pie X, Pupil
I think this is a really good I've got SATS soon and this is a really good book to help me revise its got all my lessons It is a really good book I would reccomend it to pupils and teachers

Reviewed by Mr Booth, Teacher
An excellent resource. Very clear explanations. Be great to see a Level 5 version for key stage 2

Reviewed by Tim, Pupil
really go and usefull for students

Reviewed by Chloe Lizoreth, Pupil
This is so brilliant i have the english one aswell and they are both make it clearer to see and the layout is great too. Top marks!

Reviewed by Megan Taylor, Pupil
Makes sense easy to read (Megan age 7)

Reviewed by Mrs Sally Isaacs, Parent
Bought this book for my daughter,it has been a very helpful book to her and me!

Reviewed by Wendy Taylor, Parent
I found the layout clear and appealing. A brilliant way of the getting the essential facts across to a child (and reminding us parents about the maths we've forgotten!)

Reviewed by Colin, Parent
My daughter's school recommended this at parents evening. Super-quick delivery!

Reviewed by Ms Ahmed, Teacher
I used the maths guide with my year 6 class last year after receiving a sample copy. Thanks :) Will use again this year.